Basic items for an amazing event

Have you ever thought about the essential things needed to develop an event successfully? It is clear that performing an event is a difficult task but if these essential points are taken into account, it is more likely that everything will go like clockwork.

Organizing any event involves asking yourself many questions beforehand as well as assessing what elements are essential for it to be a true success.

As a starting point, we must specify some basic aspects:

  • What kind of event we want to organize (corporate, a product presentation, a conference, a press conference, a cocktail or an artistic exhibition, who knows)
  • Find a concept, a storytelling to guide our event
  • Create the contents based on the concept
  • Calculate an estimate of the number of attendees, since the capacity will help you to define and choose the perfect venue
  • Have knowledge of the weather forecast (should we celebrate the event outside or inside?).
  • Choose a good catering company
  • And finally, have a fully qualified team to overcome the different challenges (technical, creative or organizational) that an event present

Once all these points have been defined, we can focus on how we should equip our event venue so that we have everything we need. The selection of the VENUE in which to celebrate the event is essential, as it marks the possibilities to create contents and becomes a key factor to make the difference between celebrate an event or a super event.

Once we have chosen the venue, we must not forget to be very rigorous with the following elements to have a full equipped venue:

    • Good lighting
      Very important point, especially in conferences, formative events, etc.
    • Comfort
      Both the furniture and the environment will be essential so that the attendees are comfortable to be able to get the most of our event.
    • Technology
      This point is crucial. Currently it seems even more important than ever due to the increasing demand of digital or hybrid events where technological elements as screens, technical control and edition rooms, chroma sets, teleprompter, etc., are  key in order to convey the audience the atmosphere that you wish to transmit.
    • Security
      This point has always been important, it is fundamental to guarantee the attendees’ safety, but has increased its importance even more due to COVID-19. PCR test, mask, etc have entered the scene. Everything is necessary to celebrate secure events.
    • Stages
      In physical presence events, it is important to have viable areas to set up a stage, such as in our beautiful Andalusian-Courtyard of the emblematic Gaviria Palace. Another option is those venues that already have a stage, as for example our Príncipe Pío Grand Theater. For digital or hybrid events, it is very important to have a good multimedia studio that offer you the possibility of having the best and more modern audio-visual technology, and in this regard, there are few studios as equipped as our CCIB Studio in Barcelona or our Locale Live Centre in Madrid.

Finally, but not least important, we must keep in mind the COVID restrictions. The restrictions have forced us to be very flexible and to learn to make last-minute decisions as regulations and limitations can change unexpectedly. For example, regarding the maximum capacity allowed and the restrictions to carry out cocktails (the number of guests per table, the distance between tables, the permission or not to remain standing, etc.) and this implies that the seating plan in many cases can be changed until the last moment, which also causes attendees to confirm their assistance much less in advance than before.


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