The importance of venue in hosting corporate events

Finding a space that ticks all the “musts” can be one of the most tedious tasks in the event creation process.

In designing an event, one of the first decisions to make is choosing the venue where it will be held.  The space will largely inform such essential aspects as the number of guests, the content, or even the very buzz worthiness of the event itself.  A poorly accessible or too remote venue can lead to half the attendees getting lost or deter the media from even attending; a room that’s too small means guests can hardly move about comfortably; one that’s too large can feel empty or charmless; and if the space is a well-known “cliché” or overly exploited stomping ground it can result in indifference and fail to spark curiosity among demanding guests who expect to be surprised.

It’s not an easy choice and it’s becoming increasingly common in the sector to hear clients requesting “unexpected” venues, new and different spaces that represent a novelty and an added allure to the invitation.

Brands and companies, and by extension their agencies, invest a lot of time and effort in the laborious task of prospecting… only to assiduously come up against the same problem:  the dismaying lack of singular venues in cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

This is the point where LOCALE EVENTS & SOUL can be a significant help in facilitating and simplifying this search and scouting effort, becoming a necessary partner, a useful and trusty ally here to help you get the absolute most out of your ideas.

LOCALE was started to focalize and manage this great demand for singular, central, and large-capacity venues—places that can serve as an important added appeal to amplify and maximize the possibilities of a brand or company event.  And it does so by offering the client personalized assessment and attention, as well as extra and complementary services such as creativity, audiovisuals, communications, and construction solutions, among others.  Our secret resides in our great selection of exclusively managed venues, which implies an important guarantee on our part, eliminating any intermediaries or middlemen that might inconvenience negotiations.

LOCALE knows the sector well, counting on the experience and expertise of a substantial team of first-rate professionals who understand the client’s needs better than anyone and know how to deliver the solutions that will make their event an unforgettable experience.


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