The future of events is hybrid

Hybrid events are a combination of the presential and the digital, a perfect way to amplify our impact post COVID-19.

The occupancy restrictions we’re going to have to get used to in the upcoming months due to COVID-19 are inevitably going to end up imposing a new format on the events sector, fusing the presential and the digital.

This new breed of event, the Hybrid Event, is carried out in a physical space also attended by an online and interactive audience.  This allows for combining a reduced number of physically present guests with the necessary technology to achieve an enormous amplification via streaming and reach all those who can’t attend in person.

Traditional events can thus reach more people, minimizing restrictive barriers while still respecting all the safety protocols of the Ministry of Health and the National Epidemiology Center (CNE).

But a Hybrid Event is no Facebook livestream.  We’re talking about participatory events where both the presential audience and the remote can equally enjoy immersive experiences.  This is why the importance of counting on a good space to hold the event still can’t be overstated.  An ideal format would be to host it in a highly attractive venue, such as the Palacio de Gaviria (managed by LOCALE EVENTS & SOUL), where the necessary technology to project online can also be implemented.

Since the start of the quarantine period, LOCALE has not only counted on a new space in Madrid available for hosting digital events, but also the ability to provide its clients the necessary infrastructure (multicamera streaming, personalized website to broadcast the event, robotic cameras, camera with operator, and ultra-panoramic screen with three areas for dynamic content) to send your event anywhere.

The greatest advantage and difference this type of event will provide is scope of reach.  What COVID-19 has separated, technology will unite, and from now on anyone in the world could potentially participate in our event.


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