What is a multidisciplinary venue?

Versatile, flexible and open to different types of event. These are the ideal venues to celebrate events during post-COVID era.

Versatile venues are those characterize for having diverse uses and for offering different possibilities open to flexible configurations. In essence, the perfect place given the times we live in. Adaptability, the resilience capacity to which people have been forced due to covid pandemic, are key requirements for the venues, which make those that also meet these characteristics being strengthened.

Multipurpose workplaces and venues aimed to celebrate events that offers open configurations to perform live, hybrid and digital events or which enable different audiences, are triumphant.

Years ago, and because of the economic crisis of 2009, the coworking venues emerged, collaborative spaces in which professionals from different areas or disciplines can be reunited to work and create synergies between them. Many companies with financial difficulties in maintaining rents for their offices began to use as a base of operations. In this search for professional and personal opportunities, a natural evolution of some of these spaces has been towards the creation of multidisciplinary spaces, conceived to provide feasible solutions to a new crisis.

Emblematic venues that were until the arrival of the pandemic the primary objective of companies, brands, and agencies (popular mansions, institutional buildings or iconic venues with high capacity), have had to create new rooms and configurations that respond to covid regulations.

Contemporary art museums, exhibitions halls and cultural centres are now projected as venues capable of bringing together a great variety of formal and innovative characteristics. In order to collet in the same place different activities, they have transformed their structures. Individualized spaces equipped with everything necessary for holding events, meetings, streaming recordings, workshops, theatre, concerts or conferences.

LOOM SALAMANCA. An example of versatility.

LOOM Salamanca, managed by Locale Events & Soul, is, for example, a magnificent example of a flexible and collaborative space where events take on a new dimension. Its colourful atmosphere and open areas invite you to move through it with absolute freedom, opening the doors to all the horizons that creativity allows to imagine. A safe bet for experiences that seek to differentiate themselves and be recalled.

The mural, designed exclusively by the artist Bao Mistura, is one of the key elements and heart of this singular venue located at the centre of capital city. Its diaphanous and versatile areas allow the limits to be blurred, making it an ideal place to celebrate fresher and creative events.

If you want to make LOOM Salamanca the ideal venue for your next event check here its characteristics.


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